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TheSoul Publishing is one of the largest digital media publishers on Earth, producing tons of entertaining and enlightening online content. 

Our team of 2,000+ employees in 70+ countries shoots videos, makes animations and writes articles every day in 19 languages for more than 1 billion subscribers around the world!

Become a part of a wonderful team!

From life-hacks to science, beauty to crafts, we offer something for everyone:


The most-watched DIY digital brand in the world.

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123 GO! delivers entertaining and positive videos about everything trending right now.

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High school can make you laugh, cry and cringe, all in one day!

He is pink, he is hilarious, and he is ready to help with your latest DIY or life hack project.

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Fun music videos about basically everything around us.

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Featuring engaging narrated videos that showcase travel and exploration, self-improvement, gadgets, riddles and pop-culture

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What unites a cat, a hedgehog, a koala, and a rhino? Friendship, cheerful songs, and edutaining stories! 

Polar is a singer who represents the teenage rebel, relatable to the young audience. There is a surge of freedom in every song and dance, and she ides her real identity on stage behind a mask.

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Short, funny, and humorous videos on a variety of topics! If you like magic tricks, pranks, life hacks, challenges, ASMR, and much more — join us!


Even the complicated can be made simple! We inspire people all over the globe to try complicated crafts and find new hobbies.

We are strong in numbers

TheSoul Publishing's content and brands consistently rank as some of the web's most viewed and shared, with impressive stats and rankings, such as:


billion followers across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snap, and Pinterest


original videos produced monthly

TheSoul Publishing YouTube Awards


Diamond Play Buttons

for more than 10M subscribers



Gold Play Buttons

for more than 1M subscribers


TheSoul Publishing's international content team consists of editors, writers, fact-checkers, proofreaders, translators, animators, illustrators, sound designers, videographers, actors and actresses — all of whom work tirelessly producing the positive and inspiring articles, photos, videos and animations that fuel our many social media channels and websites.

Become a part of a wonderful team!

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